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High Noon Strategies combines a customer-first attitude with a scientific data driven approach to determine the best path forward for each homeowner and their unique needs. Homeowners across California have taken the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy bills by going solar and maximizing their home’s efficiency, knowing High Noon Strategies in partnership with EnviroSun will deliver on their reputation as a premier residential energy efficiency company.

Together, High Noon Strategies and our partnering provider, EnviroSun, have been changing lives by helping homeowners improve energy efficiency, comfort, and safety in their homes–and all this while maintaining outstanding customer service

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High Noon Strategies is a business dedicated to helping homeowners develop a healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient home. We do this work because we believe healthy, productive communities grow from the healthy environments we inhabit.


High Noon Strategies in partnership with EnviroSun have a combined 60 years of expert Home Efficiency experience that provides home owners with quick and smart solutions.

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The High Noon Strategies Team is dedicated to providing quality services through the expertise of our well-trained energy specialists.

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Our Team of efficiency professionals are dedicated to providing the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions customized for each home owner.

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