Most homeowners do not even realize the need to assess their situation. They accept that their current energy situation is probably “normal” and do not consider alternatives. However, if you are a homeowner, we recommend that you ask the following smart questions (and seek a provider that can answer these for you):

  • What is your existing energy plan for the future?
  • Is your home energy star compliant or is it leaking energy that’s wasting your hard earned money?
  • Are you going to rent power from your utility company that continually skyrockets?
  • Is there a way to take control of your current energy dependency?
  • Are there programs out there that will participate to help you reduce your rising costs of energy?

HighNoon Strategies considers all of these questions and more as part of our standard evaluation.  Our goal as energy specialists is to put together energy strategies that are the best available solutions for each unique homeowner situation. And we do this by finding all the programs available to our clients.